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How to draw Jessica Rabbit

Welcome fellow artists! Today, we delve into the artful world of toon drawing by sketching the ultimate toon fantasy, Jessica Rabbit. As the sultry, red-haired starlet from ‘Who Censored Roger Rabbit?’ and its film adaptation ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit,’ Jessica Rabbit has been a timeless symbol of allure and charisma in the animated world. With her glamorous attire, her flowing red hair, and her iconic line “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” Jessica stands out in the crowd.

The Allure of Jessica Rabbit

Drawing Jessica Rabbit might seem like a daunting task due to her unique features. Here are some key characteristics to pay attention to:

  • Glamorous Attire: Jessica is renowned for her sparkly red dress with a daring slit. The way her dress hugs her body accentuates her hourglass figure.
  • Flowing Red Hair: Her long, wavy, fiery-red hair is a striking feature. It beautifully frames her face and falls elegantly over her shoulders.
  • Distinct Facial Features: Jessica’s features are a blend of sweetness and sophistication. She has high arched eyebrows, expressive eyes, and full lips.

Similar characters that you might consider adding to your artwork are Roger Rabbit, Jessica’s loving husband, or even characters from the same era like Betty Boop or Minnie Mouse.

About the Guide

This guide is designed to help you navigate through the process of drawing Jessica Rabbit, using a set of 15 images. To make your task easier, we have color-coded the steps as follows:

  • Red Color: Represents the current step you should be focusing on.
  • Black Color: Showcases the lines you have previously drawn.
  • Grey Color: Indicates the basic proportions sketch. This should be done lightly with your pencil.

As you go through the steps, the initial stages will involve creating a basic structure for the sketch, where you would draw lightly for proportions. Once you’ve completed the sketching process, you can choose to ink your sketch. Remember, patience is key. Allow the ink to dry fully to prevent smudging, then gently erase the pencil sketch. The last image of this guide can serve as a color reference if you decide to add colors to your masterpiece.

Step 01

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 01

Step 02

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 02

Step 03

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 03

Step 04

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 04

Step 05

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 05

Step 06

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 06

Step 07

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 07

Step 08

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 08

Step 09

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 09

Step 10

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 10

Step 11

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 11

Step 12

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 12

Step 13

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 13

Step 14

How to draw Jessica Rabbit - step 14

Step 15

How to draw Jessica Rabbit


What is the best technique to sketch Jessica Rabbit’s hair?

To capture the essence of Jessica’s flowing red hair, focus on the volume and the loose, wavy curls. Start with broad strokes to create the overall shape, then add details like individual strands and highlights to create depth and texture.

How should I approach drawing Jessica’s unique outfit?

Jessica Rabbit’s dress is a significant part of her iconic look. Start by sketching the overall shape of the dress, paying attention to how it drapes and clings to her figure. The high slit, the sweetheart neckline, and the sparkly texture should also be highlighted.

Any tips for capturing Jessica Rabbit’s facial expressions?

Jessica Rabbit’s expressions are a blend of sweetness and seductiveness. Pay attention to her high-arched eyebrows, her expressive eyes, and her full lips. Practice different expressions to capture her range of emotions.

Your Role in Keeping the Art Alive

By now, you should be well on your way to creating a beautiful sketch of Jessica Rabbit. Remember, the journey of an artist is as important as the destination. Keep practicing and continue exploring your creative boundaries.

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