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How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four)

Introduction: Get Ready to Rock with The Thing

Are you a fan of Marvel’s Fantastic Four and want to learn how to draw The Thing? You’re in the right place! In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of sketching, refining, inking, and coloring your very own Ben Grimm drawing. So grab your art supplies, and let’s get clobberin’!

The Thing: A Rocky Road to Superhero Status

Benjamin Jacob Grimm, better known as The Thing, is a founding member of the Fantastic Four. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, The Thing first appeared in Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. Known for his iconic rocky exterior, Ben Grimm possesses superhuman strength, a great sense of humor, and a memorable battle cry: “It’s clobberin’ time!”

Over the years, The Thing has been portrayed in various films, including the 1994 movie The Fantastic Four, 2005’s Fantastic Four, and its 2007 sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In 2015, The Thing returned to the big screen in the rebooted Fantastic Four, played by Jamie Bell. Throughout all these adaptations, The Thing’s appearance and personality have remained true to his comic book origins.

The Thing’s transformation from Ben Grimm to a rocky superhero provides a unique drawing challenge. By mastering his rugged appearance and powerful stance, you’ll be one step closer to capturing other Marvel characters like Hulk, Iron Man, or Thor in your artwork.

Essential Art Supplies for Drawing The Thing

Before we begin our step-by-step drawing guide, let’s gather the necessary tools and materials:

  • Pencil (preferably with a soft lead)
  • Eraser
  • Black fine-tipped pen or marker
  • Colored pencils, markers, or digital coloring tools
  • Drawing paper or digital canvas

Feel free to use any tools you’re comfortable with, as these are just recommendations.

Step-by-Step Guide: From Ben Grimm to The Thing

Our drawing guide consists of four main parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the drawing process. Each step in the tutorial images is represented in red, with the basic proportions sketch in grey and previously drawn lines in black.

Part 1: Laying the Foundation with a Basic Sketch

Start by drawing a basic structure using light pencil strokes. This initial sketch will help you establish the proper proportions and pose for The Thing. Don’t worry about details at this stage; just focus on getting the overall shape right.

Step 01

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 01Pin

Part 2: Rock-Solid Refinement

Now that you have the foundation in place, it’s time to refine your sketch. Add details to The Thing’s rocky appearance, improve proportions, and emphasize his powerful stance. Remember to keep your lines light so that they’re easy to erase if necessary.

Step 02

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 02Pin

Step 03

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 03Pin

Step 04

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 04Pin

Step 05

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 05Pin

Step 06

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 06Pin

Step 07

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 07Pin

Step 08

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 08Pin

Step 09

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 09Pin

Step 10

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 10Pin

Step 11

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 11Pin

Step 12

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 12Pin

Step 13

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 13Pin

Part 3: Inking Like a Pro

Once you’re satisfied with your sketch, carefully outline your drawing using a fine-tipped pen or marker. Focus on clean, confident lines that capture the rugged texture of The Thing’s rocky exterior. Don’t forget to add some shadows and highlights to give your drawing depth and dimension.

Step 14

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four) - step 14Pin

Part 4: Coloring and Shading Your Masterpiece

With your inking complete, it’s time to bring The Thing to life with color. Use colored pencils, markers, or digital coloring tools to add vibrant hues to your drawing. Pay attention to shading and highlights, as these will help create a more realistic and dynamic depiction of character’s unique appearance.

Step 15

How to draw The Thing (Fantastic Four)Pin

Extra Tips and Techniques to Perfect Your Thing Drawing

Here are some additional tips and techniques to help you improve your artwork and create an even more impressive drawing of The Thing:

  • Study reference images of Ben Grimm to better understand his rocky texture and muscular structure.
  • Experiment with different shading techniques to create depth and dimension in your drawing.
  • Use a kneaded eraser to lift away graphite without damaging your paper or digital canvas.
  • Practice drawing other related characters, such as the Hulk or Iron Man, to hone your skills in drawing various superhero forms.
  • Be patient and persistent, as drawing The Thing’s complex rocky surface may require time and practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make The Thing’s rocky texture look more realistic in my drawing?

To create a more realistic rocky texture for The Thing, study reference images and focus on the details. Pay attention to the variations in rock shapes and sizes, as well as the shadows and highlights that give them depth. Practice drawing different rock formations to get a feel for how they interact and create texture on The Thing’s body.

What should I focus on when drawing The Thing’s powerful stance?

When drawing The Thing’s powerful stance, concentrate on his broad shoulders, wide stance, and muscular legs. Make sure to accurately depict his center of gravity, and remember that his arms should be thick and powerful to match his overall physique. Study images of The Thing in action to get a better understanding of his body language and posture.

Now that you’ve learned how to draw The Thing, it’s time to keep practicing and honing your skills. Share your creations with friends and fellow artists, and don’t forget to check out other drawing tutorials for more inspiration. If you enjoyed this tutorial and would like to support the me, consider donating to our Buy Me a Coffee page. Keep drawing, and let your creativity run wild!

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