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How to draw Stitch’s head

So, you’ve decided to capture the mischievous charm of the Koala-like alien! Whether you’re an amateur artist or someone refining their skills, our guide offers a step-by-step approach on how to draw Stitch’s head. Ready to dive in?

Character’s Essence: Understanding Stitch’s Unique Features

  • Expressive Ears: Stitch’s oversized ears are perhaps his most recognizable feature. They droop when he’s sad and stand tall when alert.
  • Enchanting Eyes: Wide-set and slightly mischievous, Stitch’s eyes are a window to his playful nature.
  • Distinct Nose: Small and button-like, it gives his face that cute allure.
  • Unruly Tufts of Hair: These random spikes add to his rebellious persona.

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About the Guide: Navigating the Artistic Process

Our guide offers 12 precise steps, ensuring clarity at every stage. To make it even more user-friendly:

  • Red Color: Represents the lines you should be drawing in the current step.
  • Black Color: Highlights the lines from your previous steps.

Once you’ve nailed the sketch, consider inking for a polished look. Always wait for the ink to dry before erasing the underlying pencil sketch. This ensures a smudge-free and refined outcome.

Step 01 – Begin your Stitch drawing by lightly sketching the primary outline of his face. The sides and bottom should have a round and soft curve to give his face a chubby and adorable appearance. This will be the foundation for the rest of the drawing.

A soft curved outline for Stitch's round and chubby face. - step 01
Initial face outline for Stitch drawing.

Step 02 – To capture Stitch’s unique look, focus on the top part of his head. Gently draw the upper boundary of his face, ensuring it’s slightly rounded. At the center, draw a small tuft that sticks out. This tuft adds a playful element to Stitch’s character design.

Rounded top boundary of Stitch's face with a playful central tuft. - step 02
Upper boundary and central tuft addition to Stitch’s head.

Step 03 – Next, move on to Stitch’s distinct nose. Positioned centrally on his face, his nose resembles a circular shape. Make sure the outline is smooth and symmetric, as it is a key feature of his face in your Stitch drawing.

A symmetric circular-shaped nose positioned centrally on Stitch's face - step 03
Stitch’s nose sketch.

Step 04 – Now, it’s time to capture Stitch’s expressive eyes. Start by sketching the outer boundaries for both eyes. Remember, his eyes are large, oval, and slightly tilted, giving him that inquisitive and mischievous look. Ensure the eyes are evenly spaced on either side of the nose to maintain balance in the drawing. This step is crucial to make your Stitch drawing come alive with emotion.

Large, oval eyes evenly spaced on either side of Stitch's nose, capturing an inquisitive look - step 04
Drawing of Stitch’s expressive, tilted eyes.

Step 05 – Draw two small nostrils inside the nose. They should be evenly spaced and not too big. Just above the nose, add a few faint lines. These subtle lines express Stitch’s character and emotions, adding more depth to his face.

Two small nostrils within the nose and faint lines above, adding depth to Stitch's face - step 05
Nostril details and subtle lines above the nose.

Step 06 – Now, within the previously drawn eye shapes, outline the pupils. These are crucial for Stitch’s mischievous yet adorable gaze. Make sure they’re placed cymmetrically and large enough, filling a good portion of the eye shape but leaving room for the highlights and the outer part of the eyes.

Symmetrically placed pupils inside Stitch's large oval eyes, essential for his gaze - step 06
Outlining pupils within Stitch’s eyes.

Step 07 – To give life to your Stitch drawing, fill in the pupils with a solid black color. However, remember to leave small circles within each pupil untouched. These small white spaces will act as highlights, making Stitch’s eyes appear shiny and lively.

Pupils filled in black with small white spaces as highlights, adding life to Stitch's eyes - step 07
Filling in Stitch’s pupils with black, leaving highlights.

Step 08 – Lastly, it’s time to give Stitch his characteristic grin. Just below the nose, draw a slightly curved line extending towards the edges of his face. Make sure the mouth is wide and has an upward curve to showcase his cheerful disposition.

A cheerful, slightly curved mouth below Stitch's nose, extending towards the face edges - step 08
Drawing Stitch’s characteristic wide grin.

Step 09 – Your Stitch drawing is shaping up nicely! For the mouth and chin details, draw a small line extending from each corner of the mouth downwards to depict the creases that form when he grins. Additionally, right below the mouth, draw a slight curve to indicate his chin.

Lines extending from the mouth's corners and a slight curve below the mouth indicating Stitch's chin - step 09
Addition of mouth and chin details.

Step 10 – Stitch’s ears are one of his most defining features, and they’re quite large. Starting from the side of his head, begin drawing the outline of his left ear. It should be elongated and taper to a point at the top. Start the base of the ear roughly at the bottom point of his eyes, ensuring it curves outwards and upwards. Do the same for his right ear next. Make sure that the ears are symmetrical.

Elongated ears starting from the head's side, tapering to a point at the top, and symmetrical in shape - step 10
Sketching Stitch’s defining large ears.

Step 11 – Next, add connection lines from his ears to the head.

Connection lines added from Stitch's elongated ears to his round head - step 11
Connecting Stitch’s ears to his head.

Step 12 – Your drawing is almost complete! Take a moment to review the entire image. Erase any unnecessary marks or guidelines you might have used earlier. Polish any rough edges or uneven lines to make sure your drawing looks clean and refined. With these final touches, you’ve now successfully drawn Stitch! Great job!

How to draw Stitch’s head
Polished and completed Stitch drawing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the trick to perfecting Stitch’s eyes?

To capture Stitch’s eyes, focus on their size and spacing. Remember, they are wide-set and have an oval shape. The twinkle in them brings out his playful mischief, so don’t skip that!

How can I get his ears just right?

Begin by drawing them larger than you think! The ears are pivotal to Stitch’s overall look. Their size gives them mobility, drooping when he’s sad and perking up when excited.

What type of ink is best for finalizing the sketch?

A fine-tip pen or a brush pen is ideal for inking. These tools offer precision and consistency, ensuring your drawing remains crisp. Make sure the ink is waterproof if you plan to color later.

Firstly, congratulations on completing our how to draw Stitch’s head guide! Your hard work has paid off. By sharing your artwork and our guide, you inspire others to embark on their drawing journey.

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