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How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob

The underwater world of Bikini Bottom is filled with vibrant and quirky characters, each uniquely designed to captivate the audience. Among these iconic figures stands Mrs. Puff, SpongeBob’s diligent and ever-patient boating instructor. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricate details and techniques on how to draw Mrs. Puff, bringing her animated spirit to your canvas.

Understanding Mrs. Puff’s Unique Appearance

  • Physical Characteristics: Mrs. Puff is a beige pufferfish adorned with light teal fins that act as her limbs. She sports five distinct brown spots beneath her face and has a spiky, light brown back.
  • Facial Details: A testament to her age, Mrs. Puff boasts large eyes surrounded by numerous wrinkles. She possesses a round beak, often covered in pink lipstick, and a blonde wig with an orange outline, which occasionally flies off during her swift movements.
  • Attire: Her typical outfit comprises a blue sailor’s uniform paired with a yellow string necktie, blue sailor cap, a striking red skirt, and bright crimson shoes. In certain scenarios, like her time in jail, she dons a red variation of her sailor outfit, and when on parole, she switches to black shoes accompanied by an ankle monitor.
  • Contextual Characters: While mastering how to draw Mrs. Puff, consider adding elements of her Boating School or even SpongeBob in his boat, ready for another driving lesson. Such additions bring depth and context to your artwork.

About the Drawing Guide

This tutorial encompasses 9 pivotal steps, commencing with the essential task of constructing a proportionate sketch using light pencil strokes. Remember the color cues:

  • Red Color: Represents the current drawing step.
  • Black Color: Highlights the lines drawn in preceding steps.
  • Grey Color: Indicates the foundational proportion sketch.

The journey culminates with the artist opting to ink their masterpiece. It’s crucial to patiently wait for the ink to set before gently erasing the pencil lines, ensuring a smudge-free and pristine finish.

Step 01

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 01

Step 02

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 02

Step 03

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 03

Step 04

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 04

Step 05

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 05

Step 06

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 06

Step 07

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 07

Step 08

How to draw Mrs. Puff | SpongeBob - step 08

Step 09

How to draw Mrs. Puff

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