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How to draw happy Scooby-Doo

It’s time to hop on the Mystery Machine and embark on an artistic journey! Scooby-Doo, the Great Dane mascot of Mystery Inc., is a beloved character that’s been warming hearts and solving mysteries for decades. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to draw Scooby-Doo, showcasing his unique features and playful demeanor.

Understanding Scooby’s Unique Appearance

  • Color and Markings: Scooby is a brown dog with several distinctive black spots on his upper body. His collar is blue-green.
  • Posture: While Scooby often walks on all fours, he occasionally stands bipedally, showcasing ‘human’ characteristics.
  • Facial Features: Scooby has a black nose and displays a range of expressions, from scared to brave, making his face an essential focus while sketching.
  • Other Characteristics: Unique to Scooby are his opposable thumbs, single pad on each foot.

Drawing Scooby-Doo also opens doors to sketching his friends like Shaggy, Daphne, and Fred, creating a complete Mystery Inc. ensemble.

Decoding the Step-by-Step Guide

Before you begin, it’s crucial to understand our guide’s unique color coding:

  • Red Color: Represents the current step of your drawing process.
  • Black Color: Highlights the lines drawn in the previous steps.
  • Grey Color: Denotes the basic sketch or the foundational structure of Scooby.

The tutorial comprises 12 detailed steps. The initial step focuses on creating the basic structure for proportionate sketching, using light pencil strokes. After completing the sketch, if you’re feeling confident, you can opt to ink the drawing. Ensure the ink dries thoroughly before erasing the pencil marks to avoid any smudges or errors.

Step 01

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 01

Step 02

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 02

Step 03

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 03

Step 04

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 04

Step 05

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 05

Step 06

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 06

Step 07

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 07

Step 08

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 08

Step 09

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 09

Step 10

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 10

Step 11

How to draw happy Scooby Doo - step 11

Step 12

How to draw happy Scooby Doo

Drawing isn’t just a skill; it’s a way of expressing oneself and seeing the world through different perspectives. I hope this guide on how to draw Scooby-Doo adds a fun chapter to your artistic journey. As the brain behind SketchOk, every tutorial is crafted with care and precision, hoping to bring clarity and confidence to budding artists everywhere.

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