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How to draw cartoon Mr Bean

The inimitable Mr. Bean transitioned from live-action to animation, captivating audiences with his comical escapades. Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, a British creation, is an offshoot of the renowned live-action series co-created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. This animated masterpiece introduces us not just to Bean, but to an ensemble of characters like Teddy, Irma Gobb, Mrs. Wicket and her cunning cat, Scrapper.

The Animated Alchemy: Capturing Mr. Bean’s Distinct Features

  • Whimsical Eyebrows: Expressive and often raised, they emphasize Mr. Bean’s mischievous nature.
  • Curious Eyes: Large, rounded, and always on the lookout for fun, these eyes are a window into Bean’s wacky world.
  • Trademark Tweed Jacket: Though this guide focuses on the face, it’s impossible to ignore Mr. Bean’s classic attire.
  • Iconic Mumbling: Capture the essence of his nearly wordless communication with a playful smirk or a pensive pout.

From Pencil Strokes to Perfection: The Drawing Guide

Embark on a 26-step journey to capture the comical countenance of Mr. Bean. The guide’s color-coded system simplifies the process:

  • Red Color: Directs your attention to the current step, ensuring you’re always on track.
  • Black Color: Displays the lines from prior steps, aiding your progression.

After sketching, many artists enhance their creation with inking. This technique amplifies the design’s vibrancy. Patience is paramount – let the ink settle before erasing pencil lines to unveil a refined Mr. Bean visage.

Step 01

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Step 02

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Step 03

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Step 04

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Step 05

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Step 06

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Step 07

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Step 08

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Step 09

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Step 10

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Step 11

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Step 12

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Step 13

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Step 14

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Step 15

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Step 16

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Step 17

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Sketching Secrets: FAQ Zone

How to accentuate Mr. Bean’s trademark mumbling through sketching?

To represent his iconic mumbling, focus on the mouth. Drawing a slight, playful smirk or an exaggerated frown can depict his classic non-verbal expressions. Couple this with raised eyebrows for added emphasis.

What’s the secret behind capturing his curious eyes?

For Mr. Bean’s distinctive eyes, start with large, round circles. Position the pupils slightly off-center to capture his often distracted or pondering gaze. Subtle eyelids can add a comedic, sleepy look.

How to sketch the perfect whimsical eyebrows?

Start with a thick, curved line that arches upwards. The exaggerated curve emphasizes his dramatic expressions. Position them high on the forehead to amplify their prominence. Then add black ovals somewhere around 1/3 on the sides of these lines.

Any tips for adding the animated series characters to the sketch?

Absolutely! Consider the spatial arrangement. Place characters like Teddy or Irma Gobb either side of Mr. Bean. Sketch them smaller to maintain Mr. Bean as the focal point, but ensure their key features are distinguishable for recognizability.

Concluding the Cartooned Canvas

Armed with this guide, sketching Mr. Bean becomes an engaging endeavor. Remember, every stroke brings you closer to portraying the heart of this animated icon. Share this guide far and wide, allowing fellow artists to delve into the delights of drawing Mr. Bean. And if you’re passionate about perpetuating artistic pursuits, consider donating to SketchOk. Every contribution fuels the creation of more tutorials, and by donating, you’re availing an opportunity to suggest fresh tutorial themes. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more artistic adventures. Together, let’s keep sketching, exploring, and creating exceptional art!

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