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Draw Goofy in 17 steps

Art is a journey, not a destination. And today, you’re about to embark on a delightful journey on how to draw one of Disney’s iconic characters, Goofy, propping his head. With our step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn to portray this amusing pose with ease, capturing the whimsical essence of Goofy’s character.

Drawing Attention to Detail: Goofy’s Key Features

While sketching Goofy in this particular pose, there are certain distinctive elements to focus on:

  • Goofy’s floppy, elongated ears that typically fall over his face.
  • The slouched posture indicating a laid-back demeanor.
  • His distinctive hat, slightly tilted on his head.
  • The gloved hand propping up his head.

Once you’ve mastered the art of drawing Goofy, why not extend the scene? Draw his companions – the cheerful Mickey Mouse, or the ever-exasperated Donald Duck, for a complete Disney setting.

Interpreting the Guide: Navigating Through the Steps

Our guide uses a simple color-coding scheme to help you understand the steps better:

  • Red Color: Represents the current drawing step you should be focusing on.
  • Black Color: Illustrates the lines drawn in the previous steps.
  • Grey Color: Depicts the basic sketch for proportions.

This tutorial has 17 steps. The first 2 steps are designed to help you form a basic structure for proportions, using light pencil strokes. As you reach the final stages, you can choose to ink your sketch. However, remember to let the ink dry thoroughly before erasing the pencil lines to prevent any smudges.

Step 01

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 01

Step 02

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 02

Step 03

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 03

Step 04

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 04

Step 05

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 05

Step 06

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 06

Step 07

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 07

Step 08

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 08

Step 09

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 09

Step 10

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 10

Step 11

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 11

Step 12

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 12

Step 13

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 13

Step 14

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 14

Step 15

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 15

Step 16

Draw Goofy in 17 steps - step 16

Step 17

Draw Goofy in 17 steps

FAQs: Sketching Goofy Propping his Head

What’s the best approach to draw Goofy’s floppy ears?

Goofy’s floppy ears are one of his most distinctive features. Begin by lightly sketching two elongated, oval shapes on either side of his head. Ensure they are slightly drooping to capture Goofy’s laid-back persona. Refine the shapes as you progress, adding depth and volume to make them appear three-dimensional.

Any tips on drawing Goofy’s hand propping his head?

Goofy’s gloved hand propping his head is a significant detail in this sketch. Start with basic geometric shapes to capture the hand’s proportions and orientation. Gradually refine these shapes into fingers. Make sure the hand is comfortably supporting the head to depict a relaxed pose.

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  1. I have been able to draw Looney Tunes and Disney Characters for awhile now, but your tutorials help me “clean up” my lines and my drawings so THANK YOU. I was wondering, Have you ever drawn Abigail & Amelia the 2 Geese from the Aristocats?? I have not been able to master them, and thought maybe with your help, I could begin to practice them.
    Thank you,
    Carla Sue

    • Hi Carla, thank you for the feedback!
      Of course, I will add these guides in the middle or at the end of next week.


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