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How to draw Briar Beauty

Bringing fictional characters to life on paper is a rewarding experience. Today, we’ll embark on an artistic journey to sketch the vivacious Briar Beauty, a central figure from the universe of Ever After High. Every pencil stroke will inch you closer to capturing the essence of this next-generation Sleeping Beauty.

Character Insights: What Makes Briar Beauty Stand Out

  • Signature Look: Embodying the spirit of a princess, Briar’s appearance is an impeccable blend of elegance and youthful charm.
  • Height and Structure: Distinguished by her tall stature, even when factoring in her super-high heels, her physique is regal.
  • Hair: Cascading long dark brown locks with pink streaks make her instantly recognizable.
  • Eyes: Her soft light brown eyes exude warmth and kindness.
  • Outfits: From her dresses with rose motifs to her rose sunglasses resembling a crown, the rose-flower theme is predominant.

Drawing a character as intricate as Briar requires attention to these details. If you’re looking to expand your Ever After High collection, consider sketching her close friends Apple White, Blondie Lockes, or even her roommate Ashlynn Ella. These characters share a deep bond and would beautifully complement your Briar Beauty artwork.

Understanding the Guide: Colors and Their Significance

To make the most of this guide, it’s crucial to understand the color coding:

  • Red Color: Indicates the current step you should be focusing on.
  • Black Color: Represents the lines you’ve drawn in the preceding steps.
  • Grey Color: Serves as the foundational sketch to maintain proportions.

This guide offers 19 steps in total, commencing with crafting the basic sketch. Once you reach the end, there’s an option to ink your drawing. If you decide to ink, patience is key. Wait for the ink to dry thoroughly before erasing the underlying pencil marks. This ensures clarity and prevents smudging. Though colors aren’t our main focus, the final image does present a colored rendition of Briar Beauty, acting as a reference for those eager to add hues.

Step 01

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 01Pin

Step 02

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 02Pin

Step 03

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 03Pin

Step 04

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 04Pin

Step 05

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 05Pin

Step 06

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 06Pin

Step 07

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 07Pin

Step 08

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 08Pin

Step 09

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 09Pin

Step 10

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 10Pin

Step 11

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 11Pin

Step 12

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 12Pin

Step 13

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 13Pin

Step 14

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 14Pin

Step 15

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 15Pin

Step 16

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 16Pin

Step 17

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 17Pin

Step 18

How to draw Briar Beauty - step 18Pin

Step 19

How to draw Briar BeautyPin

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