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How to Draw Ichigo Kurosaki Full Body: A Bleach Tutorial

Hello everyone, today I’m excited to present a tutorial on how to draw Ichigo Kurosaki full body. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, this step-by-step guide will help you capture the essence of this iconic character from the “Bleach” series.

Focus Points for Ichigo Kurosaki’s Appearance

  • Begin with Ichigo’s signature spiky orange hair; it’s distinct and easily recognizable.
  • Notice his lean build and the subtle muscle definition indicative of his Shinigami training.
  • Ichigo’s facial expressions are often serious or scowling, a nod to his protective and strong-willed nature.
  • To add some context, you might want to reference other characters like Rukia, or his wife, Orihime, and their influence on his character.
  • Check other tutorials for Ichigo to get better understanding of his character: Masked Ichigo, a guide for him without mask, or even his Vasto Lorde form.

Understanding the Ichigo Kurosaki Full Body Drawing Guide

This guide is structured as a sequence of images, each representing a progressive step towards the final drawing of Ichigo Kurosaki. Here’s how the color coding works:

  • Red Color: Indicates the current step and the lines you should be drawing now.
  • Black Color: Shows the lines from the previous steps, guiding you on how the current steps integrate into the overall drawing.
  • Grey Color: Represents the basic sketch and helps you keep the correct proportions and angles throughout the drawing process.

We have 13 steps in total, beginning with a basic sketch and concluding with the option to ink your drawing. Inking should be done with a steady hand, following the final sketch lines. Allow the ink to dry fully before gently erasing the pencil marks to avoid smudging and to ensure a clean, crisp finish to your artwork.

Step 01 – Begin by drawing a vertical line to serve as the central axis of the pose. Place seven horizontal lines across it, which will guide the proportions and alignment of the body parts in your Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing


Initial vertical and horizontal lines to guide the drawing of Ichigo Kurosaki's full body - step 01
Starting the Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing with basic lines for structure

Step 02 – Use the line guides to draw basic shapes that form Ichigo Kurosaki’s head, body. Outline a torso, the hips, and tapered shapes for the arms and legs


Basic shapes outlining Ichigo Kurosaki's full body structure in the drawing guide - step 02
Sketching basic shapes for Ichigo Kurosaki’s body

Step 03 – Sketch the outline of the face, including the jawline and chin. Add the fringe by drawing zigzag lines across the forehead area


Drawing the face frame with fringe and chin for Ichigo Kurosaki outline drawing - step 03
Defining the face frame and chin

Step 04 – Create Ichigo’s iconic spiky hairstyle by drawing sharp, jagged lines around the head, extending upwards and outwards, making sure it’s symmetrical and fits the character’s style


Spiky hairstyle added to the Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing tutorial - step 04
Illustrating the spiky hairstyle

Step 05 – Within the face outline, draw two sharp eyes with heavy upper eyelids, a simple slash for the nose, and a straight line for the mouth


Adding facial details to Ichigo Kurosaki's outline drawing with eyes, nose, and mouth - step 05
Sketching the eyes, nose, and mouth in the Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing

Step 06 – Draw two lines down from the chin to form the neck. Sketch the cutout of his clothing around the neck area


Neck and clothing details forming part of how to draw Ichigo Kurosaki full body tutorial - step 06
Crafting the neck and clothing cutout

Step 07 – Add the collar of Ichigo’s outfit by drawing two curved lines around the neck cutout. Then outline the right sleeve, making sure to add folds to create a sense of movement and fabric texture


Illustrating the collar and right sleeve in the guide for Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing - step 07
Completing the collar and right sleeve for the Ichigo Kurosaki drawing

Step 08 – Draw Ichigo’s right hand gripping the katana with a firm hold, and then sketch the elongated, slightly curved blade extending outward from the fist


Drawing Ichigo Kurosaki's right hand and katana for an Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing guide - step 08
Adding Ichigo Kurosaki’s right hand and katana in the step-by-step drawing

Step 09 – For the clothing, add the upper garment down to the hips, indicating the flow of the fabric. Sketch the left sleeve hanging naturally from the shoulder


Sketching the clothing and left sleeve for Ichigo Kurosaki's full body drawing - step 09
Detailing the left sleeve and upper clothing

Step 10 – Continue drawing the kimono, adding the long flowing lines from the waist to the lower edge, representing the garment’s length and form. Ensure the lines suggest the weight and fabric of the kimono as it drapes down


Continuing the kimono sketch in the how to draw Ichigo Kurosaki full body guide - step 10
Extending the kimono details in the Ichigo Kurosaki drawing

Step 11 – Finalize Ichigo’s attire


Finalizing the outfit in a step-by-step guide for Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing - step 11
Completing the outfit details

Step 12 – Draw Ichigo’s feet, ensuring they are in proportion to the rest of the body. Indicate the soles and the separation between the toes and the heels


Adding feet to Ichigo Kurosaki's full body outline drawing - step 12
Sketching the feet

Step 13 – Your Ichigo Kurosaki full body drawing is now complete. For a clean and professional look, you can ink your sketch, using careful, smooth lines to go over your pencil marks. Once the ink is dry, gently erase the pencil sketches to reveal your polished drawing


How to draw Ichigo Kurosaki full growth | Bleach
Finished Ichigo Kurosaki full body sketch

Wrapping up, I hope this guide on how to draw Ichigo Kurosaki full body was helpful. I’ve taken you through the crucial points of Ichigo’s appearance and the guide’s step-by-step structure. If you’ve found this tutorial useful, consider following SketchOk on social media for more updates:

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