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How to draw Agnes Gru | Despicabel Me

Drawing brings life to our imaginations, and when the subject is as endearing as Agnes from Despicable Me, it becomes a delightful venture. This guide aims to simplify the process of how to draw Agnes, making it easy even for beginners. As the youngest of the three Gru siblings, Agnes’s charm lies in her innocence, her obsession with unicorns, and her unique personality.

Understanding Agnes: Her Features and Outfits

  • Facial Features: She has expressive dark brown eyes, often radiating with innocence and curiosity.
  • Hair: She sports long black hair, held in an upwards ponytail.
  • Attire: Mostly seen in steel blue overalls paired with a mustard t-shirt. Her sneakers complemented by yellow socks gives her a playful appearance.

While drawing, also consider the relationship between Agnes and her sisters, Margo and Edith. These siblings share a close bond, and including them can add depth to your artwork.

Deciphering the Guide: Sketching Made Easy

This tutorial is comprised of a series of 12 visual steps. The primary focus during the initial step will be to lay down a foundational sketch to get the proportions right. Remember to use light strokes for this.

  • Red Color: Indicates the current step in the drawing process.
  • Black Color: Highlights the lines that have been previously drawn.
  • Grey Color: Demonstrates the underlying proportionate sketch.

After completing the sketch, artists can opt to ink it. It’s vital to wait for the ink to dry before gently erasing the pencil lines to ensure the drawing remains neat.

Step 01

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 01Pin

Step 02

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 02Pin

Step 03

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 03Pin

Step 04

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 04Pin

Step 05

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 05Pin

Step 06

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 06Pin

Step 07

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 07Pin

Step 08

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 08Pin

Step 09

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 09Pin

Step 10

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 10Pin

Step 11

How to draw Agnes Gru - step 11Pin

Step 12

How to draw Agnes GruPin

Artistic Queries: FAQ Section

What’s the best approach to capture Agnes’s facial expressions?

Agnes’s charm is majorly in her innocence and vivacity. Focus on her eyes, as they reflect her emotions. A slight curve for her mouth can capture her general cheerful demeanor. Remember, subtlety is key when sketching facial expressions.

How can I depict her love for unicorns in the sketch?

While sketching Agnes, you can incorporate elements like a stuffed unicorn toy by her side or even a unicorn-themed accessory. It subtly nods to her character’s love for unicorns without overtaking the main sketch.

What details should I pay attention to when drawing her outfit?

Agnes’s attire is simple yet iconic. Focus on the steel blue overalls and a mustard t-shirt. It’s essential to capture the playful essence of her outfit, ensuring that the t-shirt and the overalls’ fit is just right.

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