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How to draw running Finn from the Adventure Time

Drawing dynamic poses can be a challenge, especially when capturing the essence of movement in a static medium. But fear not! With this guide, you’ll not only learn how to draw running Finn from “Adventure Time“, but also grasp the basics of depicting movement with flair and accuracy.

Understanding Finn’s Appearance and Key Features

  • Limb Structure: Finn’s limbs, especially when he’s in action, are quite stretched. This elongation helps convey speed and momentum. The curved forms of his limbs further emphasize the action, creating a sense of fluidity.
  • Facial Expression: Drawing Finn’s face is crucial for the final touch. His mouth is open, revealing 3 upper and 2 lower teeth, showing his exhilaration or possibly a battle cry.

While focusing on Finn, you might also consider adding other characters like Jake, his loyal companion, in the background to enhance the scene. Maybe even the Ice King, chasing after them? This not only makes your drawing more interesting but also sets a narrative.

About This Drawing Guide

Every artist, beginner or seasoned, can benefit from well-structured guidelines. To ensure clarity in this tutorial, we’ve utilized a distinct color-coding system:

  • Red Color: Represents the current drawing step. This is where you should be focusing your attention.
  • Black Color: Shows the lines that were drawn in the previous steps.
  • Grey Color: These are your initial sketches. Think of them as the skeleton of your drawing, crucial for proportions and placement.

This tutorial consists of 11 meticulously crafted steps. Start with a basic proportion sketch, using light strokes, and gradually refine your drawing. Towards the end, you have the choice to ink your sketch. If you choose to do so, always wait for the ink to dry before erasing the pencil lines. This avoids smudging and maintains the clarity of your artwork. Lastly, while this guide focuses on the sketch, the final image serves as a color reference, should you decide to add vibrancy to your creation.

Step 01

How to draw Finn running - step 01Pin

Step 02

How to draw Finn running - step 02Pin

Step 03

How to draw Finn running - step 03Pin

Step 04

How to draw Finn running - step 04Pin

Step 05

How to draw Finn running - step 05Pin

Step 06

How to draw Finn running - step 06Pin

Step 07

How to draw Finn running - step 07Pin

Step 08

How to draw Finn running - step 08Pin

Step 09

How to draw Finn running - step 09Pin

Step 10

How to draw Finn running - step 10Pin

Step 11

How to draw Finn runningPin

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