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How to draw Happy Pikachu | Pokemon

Welcome, budding artists and Pokémon enthusiasts alike! Today, we embark on an electrifying adventure of drawing one of the most iconic faces in the world of Pokémon, Pikachu. But this isn’t just any Pikachu – we’re going to capture Pikachu in a moment of pure joy, who’s energetic personality and adorable features have captivated audiences worldwide, making it an excellent subject for our artistic exploration.

Pikachu Unplugged: Understanding Pikachu’s Unique Charm

This yellow creature is famous for its plump, rounded silhouette, expressive eyes, and cheeky smile – the epitome of cute! However, translating Pikachu’s characteristics onto paper poses unique challenges. Capturing the delicate balance between Pikachu’s simplistic form and animated expressions requires careful attention and a delicate hand. From the curve of Pikachu’s joy-filled eyes to the shaping of its electric cheeks and iconic, pointy ears, each aspect contributes to bringing this beloved Pokémon to life.

Don’t forget about Pikachu’s adorable, soft body and its distinguishing lightning bolt tail. Every detail adds to the joyous demeanor we’re aiming to depict.

I Choose You, Pikachu: Mastering Your Pokémon Drawing with Our Guide

Are you ready to start your journey to drawing a jubilant Pikachu? Our guide will lead you through a 10-step process that is color-coded for your convenience:

  • Red Color: Marks the current drawing step, guiding your hand as you bring Pikachu to life.
  • Black Color: Reminds you of your previous steps, like a breadcrumb trail of your progress.
  • Grey Color: Depicts the basic sketch, providing you with a structural map to build your masterpiece.

The first step of our guide focuses on sketching the basic structure. Light pencil strokes are recommended for this early stage to allow for adjustments as you go. And while Pikachu is the star of this tutorial, consider including its best buddy Ash Ketchum, or perhaps a rival Pokémon like Mew or Dragonite, to add a fun, dynamic element to your artwork.

Step 01 – Begin your Pikachu drawing with a basic rough outline, marking out the proportions for Pikachu’s body, head, arms, legs, and ears. This step lays the foundation for the entire drawing.

A rudimentary outline sketch capturing the basic proportions of Pikachu's body, head, arms, legs, and ears - step 01Pin
Initial Sketch for the Pikachu Drawing

Step 02 – In this phase of the drawing, give a clearer shape to Pikachu’s right arm, ensuring it aligns well with the initial sketch and maintains Pikachu’s recognizable rounded form

A more defined sketch of Pikachu's right arm, showing its curved structure - step 02Pin
Detailing Pikachu’s Right Arm

Step 03 – Progressing further, focus on the head and the iconic ears of Pikachu. Outline them distinctly, making sure to fill in the tips of the ears with black for that signature Pikachu look.

An outlined sketch of Pikachu's head and ears, with the tips of the ears filled in black - step 03Pin
Shaping Pikachu’s Head and Ears

Step 04 – The essence of your Pikachu drawing comes alive in this step. Detail the facial features by drawing eyes filled with black, leaving small circles for the shiny highlights. Add a tiny nose, those characteristic red cheeks, and an open mouth to give the Pokemon his joyful and playful expression.

Detailed facial features of Pikachu, including black-filled eyes with white highlights, a small nose, red cheeks, and an open mouth - step 04Pin
Adding Facial Features to Pikachu Drawing

Step 05 – Continue by shaping the left arm. Ensure it mirrors the right arm in thickness and curvature in its form.

The left arm of Pikachu is now outlined, showing its structure and curves - step 05Pin
Crafting Pikachu’s Left Arm

Step 06 – Delve deeper into the details by outlining the right side and bottom portion of Pikachu’s body. Additionally, give definition to Pikachu’s right foot, making sure to capture its rounded, stubby shape.

The right side and bottom of Pikachu's body are sketched, with a distinct outline of the right foot - step 06Pin
Defining Pikachu’s Right Side and Foot

Step 07 – For a balanced drawing, outline the remaining bottom part and left side of his body. Also, sketch the left foot similar to the right one for consistency.

The drawing now showcases the left side and bottom part of Pikachu's body, along with the left foot's outline - step 07Pin
Shaping Pikachu’s Left Side and Foot

Step 08 – The next vital element in your Pikachu drawing is the tail. Sketch Pikachu’s iconic, lightning bolt-shaped tail that stretches from the back. Ensure it’s angular and sharp, capturing Pikachu’s energetic spirit.

Pikachu's distinct zig-zag tail is now added to the drawing, stretching out from the back - step 08Pin
Adding Pikachu’s Iconic Tail

Step 09 – With your sketch in place, take a moment to review the drawing. Refine any areas that may need adjustments, such as smoothening out curves or correcting proportions. Once satisfied, use an ink pen to trace over the pencil lines to give the drawing a clean, polished look. Be sure to erase any leftover pencil marks or unnecessary lines for a neat appearance.

The finalized outline of Pikachu without any colors, showcasing its detailed form - step 09Pin
Finalizing the Pikachu Sketch

Step 10 – Now comes the exciting part – adding color to your Pikachu drawing! Start with Pikachu’s signature yellow body. Ensure it’s a consistent shade, paying attention to areas that might need lighter or darker tones for depth. Highlight Pikachu’s rosy red cheeks, a key feature of this beloved character. Use different shades of yellow and brown for shading, especially around the arms, legs, and face, to give the drawing a three-dimensional look. Don’t forget to color the mouth, and give the tail its characteristic red base.

How to draw Happy Pikachu | PokemonPin
Coloring Pikachu

Electrifying Conclusion: Wrapping up Your Pikachu Drawing

Your Pikachu artwork is now complete! Feel free to experiment with backgrounds or additional elements to further enhance the drawing. Remember, art is all about expression and creativity, so let your imagination run wild!

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