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How to Draw Frieren in 3 Guides: Front View, 3/4 View, Full Body

Welcome to the 3 in 1 tutorial on how to draw Frieren. Today, I’ll take you through the process of drawing the mage Frieren, the protagonist of ‘Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End‘. We’ll tackle three different aspects: her face from the front view, the 3/4 view, and her full body.

Table of Contents

  1. Frieren’s Face – Front View
  2. Face in 3/4 View
  3. Frieren Full Body Drawing

Understanding Frieren’s Appearance

  • Focus on her large, expressive eyes and long, white hair styled into two pigtails.
  • Her attire, a combination of a striped shirt, a white jacket with gold accents, and a high-collared cape.
  • Pay attention to the earrings that complement her outfit.

To expand your anime characters portfolio, or to add story to your drawing, consider sketching Hero Himmel or Warrior Eisen next to Frieren, fellow characters from her journey.

Navigating the Drawing Guide

Each tutorial is composed of different number of images, each serves as a single step to construct Frieren’s image. Here’s how to use the color guide:

  • Red Color: Indicates the current step in the drawing process.
  • Black Color: Displays the lines from previous steps.
  • Grey Color: Shows the basic sketch, the initial framework of your drawing.

Start with a basic sketch, then add details. As the final touch, consider inking your masterpiece. Erase the pencil lines after inking for a crisp Frieren drawing.

How to Draw Frieren’s Face – Front View

Альт - step 16Pin

Ok, guys! Ready to draw Frieren’s face from the front? It’s easier than you think. We’ll walk through 16 simple steps to nail her look. First off, we sketch the basics and get those proportions just right. Picture her eyes and pointy ears? That’s where we begin.

Step 01 – Kick off your sketch with a simple circle for her head. Draw a straight line down the middle to keep everything even. Then, add the chin with a gentle curve coming down from the circle. You’ve just set up the canvas for her face

Sketch of the basic shape for Frieren's head and guide linesPin
Starting with the basic shapes for Frieren’s face

Step 02 – Now, draw a curved horizontal line across the circle for where the eyes will sit. Add little lines for the eyes on it. Then add two more lines for nose, and mouth along the vertical line. Then, on the sides, outline her ears, making sure they’re level with the eyes

Outline of Frieren's facial features and ear placement - step 02Pin
Mapping out where Frieren’s features and ears will go

Step 03 – It’s hair time! Draw smooth curves on each side of the head for her hair strands, framing her face

Frieren's face sketch showing side hair strands - step 03Pin
Sketching in hair strands on the sides

Step 04 – Refine her jawline for a more defined look, then start sketching the fringe across her forehead. Think of creating the outlines for her bangs, which set up the rest of her hairstyle

Defining the jawline and hair fringe for Frieren's face - step 04Pin
Shaping Frieren’s jaw and the start of her fringe

Step 05 – Let’s give Frieren some personality! Draw bold eyelids that pop, a hint of a nose, and a small curved mouth below it. Keep the anime vibes strong here

Anime-style eyelids, nose, and mouth on Frieren's face - step 05Pin
Drawing the anime-style features of Frieren’s face

Step 06 – Inside those bold eyelids, draw the eyeballs with higlights on the right for that sparkle in her eyes. Don’t forget to flick out four lashes on top of each eye

Adding detail to Frieren's eyes in the sketch - step 06Pin
Bringing Frieren’s eyes to life with detail

Step 07 – Now, get the pupils in there, centered and staring back at you. Add lines for the upper eyelids and then sketch her eyebrows

Pupils, eyelids, and eyebrows added to Frieren's face - step 07Pin
Completing the eye details

Step 08 – Last but not least, it’s time for the hairline. Sketch it around the base circle and let it slightly cover the ears, showing off the volume of her hair

Hairline details added to complete Frieren's face sketch - step 08Pin
Finishing the hair outline for Frieren

Step 09 – Now let’s give Frieren some elven flair with her ears. Define the ear shapes we made in the beginning. Pop in an earring on each

Detailed drawing of Frieren's ears and earrings - step 09Pin
Perfecting Frieren’s ears with her cool earrings

Step 10 – Her hair needs to look more flowy. Sketch more fringe strands. Next, add inner ear lines

Frieren's hair detailing around the ears in the sketch - step 10Pin
Adding hair and ear details

Step 11 – Draw two big, flowing shapes starting from above each ear. These are the start of those iconic pigtails

Outline for the start of Frieren's pigtails in the drawing - step 11Pin
Starting the outlines for Frieren’s signature pigtails

Step 12 – Add lines inside those big shapes to give the pigtails some texture and life. It’s all about making them look bouncy and full

Adding inner detail to Frieren's pigtails in the sketch - step 12Pin
Filling in pigtails with details

Step 13 – Draw the shape shown in the image for for her neck and the rounded collar of her outfit

Sketching Frieren's neck and the top of her outfit - step 13Pin
Sketching in her neck and collar

Step 14 – For this step, draw the details of her clothes

Frieren's outfit detailing in the drawing - step 14Pin
Adding character to the top of the outfit

Step 15 – Almost there! Add her shoulders and all the little touches that make her outfit look awesome

Final touches to Frieren's outfit in the drawing - step 15Pin
Putting the final details on Frieren’s outfit

Step 16 – And that’s a wrap! Every step you’ve followed adds up to this detailed final drawing of Frieren. Take a moment to check over your masterpiece and make any little tweaks. Give yourself a pat on the back — you’ve mastered drawing Frieren’s face

The finished drawing of Frieren's face from the guide - step 16Pin
The final Frieren face drawing

Frieren’s Face – 3/4 View

How to draw Frieren's face in 3/4 view - the finished drawingPin
Easy step-by-step drawing of the face of Frieren in 3/4

Ready to tackle a new angle? This second guide will show you how to draw Frieren’s face in a dynamic 3/4 view. Through 17 detailed steps, we’ll go from a basic sketch to a fully proportioned drawing.

Starting with the foundational lines for proper head structure, you’ll then map out the facial features and dive into detailing the sketch.

Step 01 – Let’s get going by drawing a shape of the face frame. Cross it with a vertical and a horizontal line to help us place her features just right

Basic face outline with guide lines for Frieren's 3/4 view sketch - step 01Pin
Starting off with the basic face shape

Step 02 – On that simple face shape, mark where the eyes, nose, and mouth will go. Don’t forget to draw in her left ear shape and a basic shape for the neck

Layout of eyes, nose, and mouth on Frieren's face, plus neck outline - step 02Pin
Mapping Frieren’s features and neck in her 3/4 view portrait

Step 03 – Give the jawline a bit more shape for a defined look. Get the ear’s outline done too, making sure it lines up with her face

Jawline and ear defined in Frieren's 3/4 view drawing - step 03Pin
Sharpening Frieren’s jaw and ear in her 3/4 view sketch

Step 04 – Time for hair again! Start with the fringe on the left, making it sweep over her forehead. This will start to show off her signature style

Frieren's fringe and bangs coming together - step 04Pin
Crafting the fringe and bangs

Step 05 – Do the same on the right, mirroring the left side but keeping in mind the perspective and the direction her hair naturally flows

Right side of the fringe added to Frieren's face 3/4 view - step 05Pin
Completing the fringe on the right

Step 06 – Now let’s get the rest of her hair in, framing her face/head nicely. Think about how it falls and moves to get it looking just right

Overall hair outline around Frieren's face - step 06Pin
Bringing together Frieren’s hairstyle

Step 07 – Sketch the eyelids with soft bold curves, draw in the nose, and get the shape of the mouth down, keeping her expression in mind

Eyelids, nose, and mouth outlined on Frieren's 3/4 view - step 07Pin
Defining the eyelids, nose, and mouth

Step 08 – Time for the eyes – add the eyeballs and a couple of lashes for each side. Remember the sparkle with those little highlight spaces

Eyeballs and eyelashes added to Frieren's 3/4 view - step 08Pin
Adding life to Frieren’s eyes with pupils and lashes

Step 09 – Place the pupils carefully, sketch the eyebrows with a light touch, and add details inside the ear

Pupils, eyebrows, and ear details sketched on Frieren's face - step 09Pin
Detailing the eyes and ears

Step 10 – Let’s bring the first pigtail to life, starting at the top and letting it cascade down, curving it for a bouncy look. Make it full and dynamic

Sketching the lively first pigtail in Frieren's 3/4 portrait - step 10Pin
Drawing the first pigtail for Frieren’s face sketch

Step 11 – Now for pigtail number two. Sketch it like the first, but tucked slightly behind to create a sense of depth

Second pigtail taking shape in Frieren's 3/4 view drawing - step 11Pin
Adding the second pigtail

Step 12 – Time for texture! Draw each strand with care, making the hair flow beautifully and naturally

Fine hair strands detailed in Frieren's 3/4 view hairstyle - step 12Pin
Detailing Frieren’s hair strands

Step 13 – Outline the top of her cloak, as well as her neck

Frieren's flowing hair and cloak top in her 3/4 view sketch - step 13Pin
Sketching the hair and cloak’s top

Step 14 – Start on her clothing by drawing the neckline and shoulders. Use flowing lines to suggest the folds and the form beneath her clothes

Frieren's chic attire comes to life in her 3/4 view drawing - step 14Pin
Outlining Frieren’s attire

Step 15 – Add depth to the cloak with folds and creases that make it look weighty and real. It should rest naturally, flowing from her shoulders

The cloak's rich details in Frieren's 3/4 view image - step 15Pin
Bringing the cloak to life with detailed folds

Step 16 – Finishing the outfit

Final decorative touches to Frieren's outfit - step 16Pin
Finishing touches on Frieren’s outfit

Step 17 – Take a step back and make any last tweaks to your sketch. Ink it if you wish. Here it is, the complete and detailed illustration of Frieren in a 3/4 view—full of personality and style

The fully detailed and complete 3/4 view drawing of Frieren - step 17Pin
Frieren’s complete 3/4 view portrait

How to Draw Frieren Full Body

Learn to draw Frieren full body in 25 stepsPin
Easy step-by-step drawing of Frieren

For the final challenge, get ready to draw Frieren from head to toe! This step-by-step guide has 25 easy parts. We’ll start with a simple sketch to get her shape just right. It’s all about making her look as cool and magical as she does in her adventures.

Check out the complete drawing – see how Frieren stands all relaxed, with her clothes looking super natural and flowy? We’ll go through each step together so you can make her look just the same.

Step 01 – Begin with a simple head circle and a hint of a chin. Then draw a straight line down the middle for facial balance and sketch a stick figure to mark her posture and overall body shape

Basic outline for Frieren's full body sketch - step 01Pin
Starting off Frieren’s full body with a stick figure

Step 02 – Time to mark places for her eyes, nose, and mouth on the face. Also, roughly outline her ears and body, using the stick figure as a sizing guide

Facial and body outline in Frieren's full body drawing - step 02Pin
Placing Frieren’s facial and body landmarks

Step 03 – Sketch out basic forms for her arms and legs to get the proportions right. They’re just guidelines for now but will help with symmetry

Limb outlines for Frieren's full body drawing - step 03Pin
Shaping Frieren’s arms and legs

Step 04 – Add some curves for her bangs to frame the face

Starting the hair outline in Frieren's full body drawing - step 04Pin
Drawing Frieren’s hair around her face

Step 05 – Sharpen up that jawline and give her fringe some style. Add outer stands for the bangs we did in the previous step

Refining Frieren's head and hair in the full body sketch - step 05Pin
Defining Frieren’s jaw and hair

Step 06 – Now, define those eyes, nose, and mouth to bring her face into focus. Getting her expression right is key here

Facial features coming together in Frieren's full body drawing - step 06Pin
Outlining Frieren’s eyes, nose, and mouth

Step 07 – Draw in the irises and lashes, and shape those brows

How to draw Frieren full body - facial detail enhancement - step 07Pin
Detailing her eyes and brows

Step 08 – Time for her ears and those distinctive earrings

Ears and earrings added to Frieren's full body drawing - step 08Pin
Adding Frieren’s ears and earrings

Step 09 – Finish the top part of her hair and add in those inner ear details. Now her head’s fully outlined and ready to go

Completing the hair and ear details in Frieren's full body drawing - step 09Pin
Finishing the hair outline and ear details

Step 10 – Time to draw her iconic pigtails, make them long and wavy to match her style

Pigtails added in Frieren's full body drawing - step 10Pin
Sketching Frieren’s signature pigtails

Step 11 – Now, add strands to those pigtails to add volume to her hair

Hair details in Frieren's full body image - step 11Pin
Giving texture to her hair

Step 12 – Outline the neck and the collar of her jacket like it is shown in the image below

Neck and collar details in Frieren's full outfit sketch - step 12Pin
Drawing Frieren’s neck and jacket collar

Step 13 – Draw the rest of her jacket (except the sleeves), including the folds to show how the fabric falls

Jacket details in Frieren's full body drawing - step 13Pin
Crafting the top of Frieren’s jacket

Step 14 – Add the skirt, keeping it in proportion to her top and making it flow with her pose

Skirt outlining in Frieren's full body artwork - step 14Pin
Sketching Frieren’s skirt

Step 15 – Get those sleeves in, thinking about their length and how they fit with her jacket, sketch the cuffs which are around 1/3 of the sleeve length

Sleeves sketched on Frieren's jacket in the full body drawing - step 15Pin
Detailing the sleeves

Step 16 – Work on the cuffs, and begin outlining her hands, focusing on thumbs and index fingers for now

Cuffs and hands started in Frieren's full body sketch - step 16Pin
Drawing cuffs and the start of her hands

Step 17 – Finish up her hands, making sure the fingers are positioned naturally

Hands completed in Frieren's full body portrait - step 17Pin
Finishing up Frieren’s hands

Step 18 – Sketch her legs, from the skirt hem to where her boots start, keeping the anatomy accurate

Legs drawn leading to the boots in Frieren's full body - step 18Pin
Outlining her legs down to her boots

Step 19 – Begin with the upper part of the footwear. Sketch the basic shapes, making them look snug around her calves

How to draw Frieren full body step-by-step - Step 19 sketching boots upper partPin
Starting the boots

Step 20 – Draw the rest of the footwear down to her ankles, following the curve of her legs

Boots detailed down to the ankles in Frieren's full body easy drawing - step 20Pin
Shaping the boots to the ankles

Step 21 – Now outline the boots in the feet area

Full outline of Frieren's boots in her full body sketch - step 21Pin
Outlining Frieren’s boots completely

Step 22 – Give those boots some texture and depth with soles and creases, and don’t forget the knee lines

Adding final details to the boots in Frieren's full body drawing - step 22Pin
Detailing the boots

Step 23 – Time for the jacket’s final touches. Add trims, seams, and buttons to make it look as good as new

Jacket detailing in Frieren's full body sketch - step 23Pin
Finishing the jacket details

Step 24 – Draw in the part of the striped shirt that peeks out from under the jacket

Visible parts of the striped shirt sketched in Frieren's full body drawing - step 24Pin
Sketching the striped shirt

Step 25 – The last step! Clean up your sketch lines or, if you’re inking, let it dry and then erase any pencil marks. And… you’ve got a clean, finished drawing of Frieren, ready for the world to see

How to draw Frieren's full body - final touchesPin
Finalizing Frieren’s full body artwork

Wrapping Up the Frieren Drawing Tutorial

I hope you this 3 in 1 tutorial helped you learn how to draw Frieren! Follow SketchOk on social media for more fun drawing tutorials and don’t forget to share your art with us there.

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