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How to Draw a Hobbit: A Guide Inspired by The Lord of the Rings

Welcome to today’s drawing tutorial where we’ll be exploring the enchanting world of Middle-earth to learn how to draw a hobbit as portrayed in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Our hobbit will have a cheerful demeanor, complete with a smile and a walking stick, capturing the essence of the adventurous and heartwarming characters from the beloved series. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, this guide will help you sketch your very own hobbit step by step. Grab your drawing tools, and let’s start this creative journey together!

Understanding the Drawing Guide for Our Hobbit

This Hobbit drawing guide consists of a series of 21 step-by-step images, each designed to progressively build upon the last, helping you visualize and create a detailed drawing of a hobbit. The guide is carefully structured to ensure a clear understanding of the artistic process, from basic forms to the final details.

  • Grey Color: Shows the basic sketch in the initial stages. This includes the first three steps where you outline the general proportions and posture of the hobbit.
  • Black Color: Represents the lines from previous steps, providing a reference that ensures each new addition is consistent with the overall design.
  • Red Color: Highlights the current step’s focus, directing your attention to the immediate areas that require detailing or adjustment.

The guide culminates in the inking process (optional). Once you’ve completed the pencil sketch, using a fine liner or ink pen, trace over your drawing to define the lines vividly. It’s important to allow the ink to dry completely before erasing any pencil marks to avoid smudging, ensuring a clean and professional finish. This final step enhances the sharpness and clarity of your hobbit drawing, making the character come to life on the page.

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Step 01 – Start by drawing a simple circle for the head base, and a wide “U” shape for the bottom jawline. Below it, outline a stick figure to define the pose of the hobbit. This figure should include basic lines for arms and legs, and dots for joints

Basic head shape and stick figure outline for a hobbit pose - step 01
Initial sketch of head and pose

Step 02 – Draw the basic outline of the coat using simple lines. Start from the shoulders and let the lines flow down to where the coat will end, slightly below the waist, then add the sleeves

Forming the basic coat shape with simple lines on the hobbit drawing - step 02
Sketching the coat shape

Step 03 – Sketch basic outlines for the legs and feet. Add shapes for hands at the ends of the arm lines. Draw a straight or slightly curved line to indicate the position of the walking stick

Outlining basic shapes for legs, feet, and hands, and indicating walking stick position for the hobbit - step 03
Shaping legs, feet, hands, and walking stick

Step 04 – Outline the lower part of the face, focusing on the jawline, to give the face its shape and structure

Drawing the bottom jaw line for the hobbit's face - step 04
Outlining the jaw

Step 05 – Sketch the hair starting from the forehead and moving towards the temples, framing the top part of the face

Sketching hair on the forehead and temple areas of the hobbit - step 05
Framing the face with hair

Step 06 – Outline the eyes and shape the nose. Draw a gently curved line for the mouth to depict a subtle smile

Drawing outline of eyes, nose shape, and a gently curved line for a smiling mouth on the hobbit - step 06
Sketching facial features

Step 07 – Draw the eyeballs and pupils within the eye outlines. Add lines to create chubby cheeks and a chin. Sketch the eyebrows and lines for eyelids above and below the eyes

Adding detailed facial features like eyeballs, pupils, chubby cheeks, and eyebrows to the hobbit - step 07
Adding facial details

Step 08 – Draw the neckline of the shirt, peeking out from under the coat, to give depth to the clothing layers

Sketching the neckline of the hobbit's shirt - step 08
Detailing the shirt neckline

Step 09 – Begin adding detail to the coat by sketching the collar and drawing lines from the collar down to the bottom of the coat, covering the shirt

Starting to sketch the detailed coat including collar and lines flowing to the coat's bottom for the hobbit - step 09
Sketching the coat’s details

Step 10 – Draw the hobbit’s curly hair, focusing on creating volume and texture with swirls and curls around the head

Sketching curly hair style for the hobbit - step 10
Drawing curly hair

Step 11 – Continue outlining the coat by adding shoulders and sleeves. Sketch one sleeve fully with a cuff and the second up to the elbow. Add a pocket on one side and the strap of a bag over the shoulder, extending slightly below the coat’s bottom line

Continuing to outline the coat, adding shoulders, sleeves, a pocket, and a bag strap for the hobbit - step 11
Finalizing coat details

Step 12 – Draw the hands. The right hand is gripping the walking stick. Sketch the stick’s upper part as well. Ensure the fingers wrap naturally around the stick

Sketching hands and the upper part of the walking stick held in the right hand of the hobbit - step 12
Drawing hands and walking stick

Step 13 – Extend the shape of the walking stick from the hand down to the ground. Finish the outline of the coat sleeve

Outlining the walking stick down to the ground and finishing the sleeve of the hobbit's coat - step 13
Detailing walking stick and sleeve

Step 14 – Sketch the nails on the thumbs for realism. Add the inner outline of the sleeve where the hand emerges, and sketch the small visible part of the shirt’s sleeve beneath the coat sleeve

Adding nails to the thumbs and detailing the inner sleeve and small visible part of the shirt's sleeve - step 14
Adding hand and sleeve details

Step 15 – Sketch the central visible part of the shirt, mostly covered by the coat. Outline the pants down to the rolled-up part, showing the style of the hobbit’s clothing

Outlining the central part of the shirt and rolled-up pants on the hobbit - step 15
Sketching shirt and rolled-up pants

Step 16 – Draw the rolled-up part of the pants, focusing on the folds and how they bunch around the legs

Sketching the rolled-up part of the hobbit's pants - step 16
Detailing rolled-up pants

Step 17 – Sketch the rest of the legs and the feet, paying attention to the proportion and stance of the hobbit

Outlining the legs and feet of the hobbit - step 17
Drawing legs and feet

Step 18 – Draw the bag, showing how it hangs from the shoulder and rests against the body

Drawing the bag carried by the hobbit - step 18
Adding the bag

Step 19 – Sketch curls on the visible part of the chest above the shirt’s neckline. Add lines to suggest neck muscles and add texture to the hair by drawing many individual hair strands

Adding curls above the shirt's neckline and detailing neck muscles and hair texture for the hobbit - step 19
Enhancing chest, neck, and hair details

Step 20 – Add nails to the toes and sketch lines to create a wooden texture on the walking stick. Detail creases and folds in the fabrics, sketch the shirt collar and add buttons, including the buttons on the coat

Adding final details including nails to toes, wooden texture to the walking stick, and creases to fabrics on the hobbit - step 20
Final detailing

Step 21 – Erase any preliminary marks gently, clearing the basic sketch to clean up the drawing. Optionally, ink your sketch, let the ink dry, and then erase any remaining pencil lines

Clearing any pencil marks and optionally inking the sketch of the hobbit - step 21
Final cleanup or inking

Thank you for joining me in this detailed guide on how to draw a hobbit inspired by Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. We’ve covered everything from the basic sketch to the final inking, and I hope you’ve found each step helpful and enriching for your drawing skills. Remember that each drawing you create is a step forward in your artistic journey.

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Here’s to many more creative adventures together!

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